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Valuable, Short, Memorable Forestry Domain Names For Your Email and Website Addresses!

While renewing some of our own domain names, we came across some valuable website/email domains that are perfect for forestry-related organizations. We do not need the following domains, but purchased them so they would not fall into the wrong hands. We have seen scalpers demanding $3000 and more for domains ending with popular extensions such as ".COM", so we "rescued" these for the forestry community.  

We Are Selling The Following Valuable Domain Names:
(Asking Prices Include Significant Marketing Costs)
  • ForestryPro.comTM/SM - $99
  • ForestryPro.bizTM/SM - $35
  • ForestryPro.orgTM/SM - $99
  • ForestryPro.netTM/SM - $99
  • ForestryPro.infoTM/SM - $35
  • 5 Pack With All Above - $200
  • ForestryTechs.comTM/SM - $199
  • ForestryTechs.bizTM/SM - $65
  • ForestryTechs.orgTM/SM - $199
  • ForestryTechs.netTM/SM - $199
  • ForestryTechs.infoTM/SM- $65
  • 5 Pack With Above - $400
  • ForestryPros.comTM/SM - $299
  • ForestryPros.bizTM/SM - $99
  • ForestryPros.orgTM/SM - $299
  • ForestryPros.netTM/SM - $299
  • ForestryPros.infoTM/SM - $99
  • 5 Pack With All Above - $600
    Reasons Why You Should Buy One Or More Of The Above Domains:
  • They can be used for website that's available 24x7.
  • They provide email addresses that roll of the tongue.
  • They can be funnelled into one website/email account.
  • They are short, simple, easy-to-remember, easy to spell.
  • They have most-desired extensions (.com, .org, .net, etc).
  • They can save you 1000's of dollars (see next section).
  • They will reduce lost emails sent to wrong address.
  • They should have been grabbed a long time ago.
  • They are short domain names (HARD to find).
  • They are made of key search words.
  • They naturally get some web traffic.
  • They have good simple name recognition.
  • They will get you respect from colleagues.
  • They only cost $10-$15/each year to renew.
  • They have their first year of fees paid by us.
  • They can reduce cost/provide competitive advantage.
  • They can be used as Brands, Trademarks, Service Marks.
  • They give you a modern, technical, professional appearance.
  • They will enable you to spend more time in field/less in office.
    Here's How To Use Domain Names Above To Save $1000's:
    (WITHOUT being in top 10 on search engines)
  • Buy one or more of the domain names above.
  • Sign up for a GoDaddy website/email (~$10/month).
  • Copy your brochure into GoDaddy website template.
  • Forget about search engines and being in top 10!!!
  • Include website/email address on all written materials.
  • Include your website address in all emails.
  • Sign up for FREE Google, Yahoo, Yellow Pages listings.
  • Put website/email address into repeated SMALL ads
    (research shows these are much better than ONE large ad).
  • People use above to go to your website and read about you
    (use website instead of large print ads to capture interest).
  • Your website also answers frequently asked questions.
  • Respond to emails from those still interested.
  • Even 1 visitor/day will save you 1000's in marketing!
  • We have other tips for successful bidders!
We Want These Domains To Go To Entities In The Forestry Community,
So Please Spread The Word. This Page Can Be Found At:

I.R.I.S. Is A Non-Profit That Has Provided Award-Winning,
Cost-Effective Forestry, Natural Resource, and Environmental
Information Systems Since 1995!

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