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Nomad, Juno, Yuma, and Ranger

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Our Mission: Our mission is to distribute Information Technology (I.T.) around the world to improve Natural Resources Management and Conservation - while also helping people work faster, cheaper, and smarter. For over 20 years, we have provided Award-Winning, Reliable, Easy-To-Use Forestry, Natural Resource, and Environmental Computer Systems. If you own, manage, protect, utilize, researche, restore, or have other impacts on Forests, Natural Resources, or the Environment, then you would probably benefit from our products and services! Why our mission is important.

Tree-Mendous Tech!TM/SM I.R.I.S. distributes, implements, and supports a wide swath of Information Technology (I.T.) to help people manage and conserve Natural Resources, while also helping them work faster, cheaper, and smarter. Some of the technologies that we can provide you with include:
  • Information Engineering
  • Rugged Field PC's
  • Ultra-Rugged Handhelds
  • Rugged Peripherals
  • Relational Databases (RDBMS)
  • Knowledge-Bases
  • Image Processing
  • Deed Plotting
  • Land Surveying Apps
  • Computer-Aided Mapping (CAD)
  • Global Positioning Systems(GPS)
  • Geographic Info. Systems (GIS)
  • Custom User Interfaces
  • Forestry Software
  • Forest Prods Software
  • Natural Resources Software
  • Environmental Software
  • Internet Websites and Apps
  • Smart Systems/Expert Systems
  • Personal Training/Support

Hardworking Hardware!TM I.R.I.S. can provide you with "The Best of The Best" computers, handheld computers, peripherals, and services because we are an Authorized Distributor, Systems Integrator, and Handheld Repair Shop for over 90,000 products made by 900 suppliers! Although high-quality computer hardware costs a few dollars more initially, you will quickly recoup the cost in reduced problems, headaches, and downtime! I.R.I.S. can meet all of your computer hardware needs with high-quality, ruggedized, long-lasting products from Apple, Dell, Epson, General Dynamics, HP, Itronix/Husky, IBM, Iomega, Juniper, Panasonic, Symbol Technologies, and Trimble including:
  • Network Servers and PC's
  • Rugged Laptop/Notebook PC's
  • Rugged Field and Tablet PC's
  • Ultra-Rugged Handheld PC's
  • Color Monitors/Projectors
  • Inkjet/Thermal/Laser Printers
  • Multi-Function Machines
  • Full-Size Scanners
  • Full-Size Digitizing Tables
  • Full-Size Plotters
  • Bar Code Scanners/Printers
  • CD/DVD/Blue Ray Drives
  • Flash, Zip, and Tape Drives
  • Computer Memory Upgrades
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • And Many More Items!

Superior SoftwareTM I.R.I.S.(R) is an Authorized Distributor, Systems Integrator, and Developer for nearly every major software company. Our flagship product, CRISALIS
® is a software program that provides you with an All-In-One Natural Resources Information System by tieing together most of the software apps listed below. It also helps you find/use/manage 100,000's of FREE datasets and documents. Currently, we develop, distribute, and support 9 types of Natural Resources-related software apps:
  • Office/Business Apps
  • Computer-Based Training Apps
  • Simple Imagery/Mapping Apps
  • Advanced Imagery/GIS Apps
  • Surveying/GPS Software Apps
  • Natural Resources Apps
  • Forestry Software Apps
  • Forest Product Apps
  • Custom Software & Interfaces

Dazzling Digital DataTM and Magnificent Maps! If a photo is worth 1000 words, then a photo with an overlaid map is worth 10,000! I.R.I.S. can help you find, implement, and process the digital data needed to produce accurate, high-quality maps that help you make your point at the lowest possible cost. We are an Authorized Distributor for 50+ major data suppliers. As such, we can provide you with PAST, PRESENT, (and sometimes FUTURE) versions of the following in DIGITAL and/or HARDCOPY formats: Currently, we distribute and support 10 kinds of data:
  • Tabular Databases
  • DRG Topo Datalayers
  • DLG/CAD Datalayers
  • GIS Datasets/Layers
  • DEM/LiDAR Elevation Data
  • DOQ Aerial Imagery
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Radar Imagery
  • Dynamic 2D/3D Maps
  • Other Digital Maps

Full-Service Services!SM Why struggle to communicate your needs to computer geeks when we have over 35 years of formal education and experience in Natural Resources, Business, and Computers? We have developed Award-Winning Natural Resources apps and distributed software around the world. I.R.I.S. helps organizations reap the benefits of Information Technology (I.T.) without the headaches by providing a complete range of computer services. This includes specialized computer services adapted for Forestry, Natural Resource, and Environmental Information Systems, such as:
  • Users Needs Assessments
  • Systems Analysis/Design
  • All-In-One Systems
  • Data Searches
  • Data Normalization
  • Data Processing
  • Satellite Image Processing
  • Land Surveying Apps
  • Desktop Mapping
  • Deed Analysis
  • GIS Implementation
  • GIS Database Design
  • GIS Programming/Modeling
  • GIS Maps and Reports
  • Custom User Interfaces
  • Custom Programming
  • Smart/Expert Systems
  • Turnkey Systems
  • Implementation Plans
  • Complete Training
  • Technical Support
  • System Maintenance
  • Strategic Planning
  • And More!

Fantastic Financing! Want to improve your information system, but don't have the cash on hand? I.R.I.S. can arrange financing that covers the ENTIRE COST of bringing your information system up to spec. You can finance the cost of hardware, software, data, supplies, and even services! Although most of us prefer to pay "cash money", in most cases, the $ increase in your productivity will be more than the $ cost of your payments. Some of the advantages of financing include:
  • Reasonable interest rates
  • Simple application procedure
  • Fast approvals
  • Reduced upfront costs
  • Increased cash flow
  • Offset payments w/revenues
  • Variety of payback plans
  • Reasonable terms
  • Possible tax savings
  • Fixed rates and payments
  • One to five year leases
  • $1 End-of-lease buyouts

I.R.I.S. Solution Paks!TM/SM Not sure what to buy? Need a complete solution with all the parts working together? Don't want to spend a lot of time and money researching and learning? Let us help by putting together a Solution Pak designed specifically for your informaton needs and budget! Each Solution Pak provides a comprehensive, integrated package of hardware, software, data, services, and financing. We have 3 levels of Solution Paks depending on your needs and budget:
Low-Tech Solution PaksTM/SM
Mid-Tech Solution PaksTM/SM
High-Tech Solution PaksTM/SM

Content Clients! At I.R.I.S. we have a balanced view of Natural Resources Conservation, Management, Utilization, and Protection. All resources should be utilized carefully to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. Some Natural Resources are not unique and are best suited for meeting human needs for food and shelter. Other resources are so rare and unique that they should be protected forever. This balanced view enables us to serve a wide spectrum of clients involved with Natural Resources, including:
  • Foresters
  • Landowners
  • Land Managers
  • TIMOs & REIT's
  • Sawmills
  • Surveyors
  • OGM Specialists
  • Natural Resource Mngr's
  • Ecologists
  • Archeologists
  • Forest Researchers
  • Wildlife Biologists
  • Soil Scientists
  • Conservationists
  • Climatologists
  • Hydrologists
  • Estuary Managers
  • Park Managers
  • Policy Makers
  • And Many More!

More Reasons To Choose I.R.I.S.: We are one of the few organizations in the world that specializes in Information Technology designed for Natural Resources Management and Conservation. Additional reasons to choose I.R.I.S. as your Computer Systems, Software, and Services provider include:
  • Nat. Resources Backgrounds
  • 35+ Years Experience
  • We Understand Your Work
  • Award-Winning Products
  • Highly-Trained Staff
  • Over 90,000 Products
  • FREE & Low-Cost Software
  • Ultra-Rugged Hardware
  • FREE And Low-Cost Data
  • One-Stop Shopping
  • Balanced Philosophy
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Commitment To Quality
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Highly-Reliable Systems
  • Real-World Answers
  • Personal Attention
  • Proven Track Record
  • Great Investment Returns
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Information Technology is THE KEY to improving
Natural Resources Management and Conservation -
while also helping people work faster, cheaper, and smarter
Our products and services almost always save more than they cost

Don't Delay - Contact Us Today!
Email: info@irisinfosys.org

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