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Why struggle to communicate your needs to computer geeks when we have over 35 years of formal education and experience in Forestry, Natural Resources, Business, and Computers? I.R.I.S. helps organizations reap the benefits of Information Technology (I.T.) without the headaches by providing a complete range of computer services. This includes specialized computer services adapted for Forestry, Natural Resource, and Environmental Information Systems, such as:
Users Need Assessments identify the types of data, information, reports, maps, etc... that your staff need to do their jobs and the most appropriate technologies to meet those needs within your budget and abilities.

Systems Analysis/Design Services - help you understand your organization's information system (and opportunities for improvement) by diagramming the flow of data, processing, maps, reports, etc... through it.

All-In-One Systems - help you avoid buying the wrong things and save you research time, money, and effort by putting together integrated packages of hardware, software, data, services, etc... that complement each other.

Data Search Services - improve the accuracy and reliability of your mapping system, while also saving you time, money, and effort by finding FREE or LOW-COST aerial, satellite, mapping, ArcGIS, tabular, etc... datasets that are compatible and suited to your needs.

Data Normalization Services - help you quickly access, use, query, display, and maintain your data and information by using our expertise to correctly design, normalize, structure, and populate your geodatabases, databases, datafiles, folders, sub-folders, directories, workspaces, attributes, etc.

Data Processing Services - help you avoid the hassles, time, and costs associated with processing large, infrequent, and/or complex datasets using our experience to find, load, reformat, clean, categorize, merge, model, summarize, analyze, print, plotting, etc... raw data into information that you can use to make good decisions.

Image Processing Services - help you get the most out of aerial photo and satellite imagery by using expertise and specialized image processing software to classify pixels into categories; monitor insect and disease conditions; improve interpretation; selectively highlight features; perform year-to-year change analysis, etc.

Desktop Mapping/Deed Analysis Services - we can help you implement powerful Desktop Mapping/Deed Analysis software (or "do it all for you") by identifying the best software and mapping data ; installing the software and data; supplying training, tricks, tips, and procedures; and providing tech support.

GIS Implementation Services - implementing GIS technology can be easy through hard, fast thru slow, or free through expensive. You can do-it-yourself or have us "do it all for you". Our GIS implementation services will determine the best, easiest, quickest, least-costly way for your organization to start using GIS given your hardware environment, needs, expertise, and budget. We can help you implement this technology for very low cost.

GIS Database Services - reduce costs, eliminate problems, and reduce implementation times by using our expertise to analyze, design, structure, normalize, find, convert, integrate, and optimize your geodatabase, GIS datalayers, imagery, and tabular databases so they can easily and quickly accessed, displayed, queried, updated, maintained, etc.

GIS Programming Services - simplify GIS, customize it for your operations, and make it more efficient by putting together groups of commands to import/export data; overlay map layers; generate buffers; perform proximity analysis; rank areas based on criteria; model complex environmental phenomena; process DEM and LiDAR topographic data; perform routing and spread analysis; and hundreds of other GIS functions.

GIS Map and Report Services - enable you to tap into I.R.I.S.' expertise in 2D and 3D data display, imagery, GIS, and spatial statistics, to produce designs, programs, templates, etc... for maps and reports made specifically for your organization.

Custom User Interface Services - reduce frustration and errors, increase speed and productivity, and reduce the complexity of software like MS Office, ArcGIS, and Oracle by using our National Award-Winning design and development skills to create custom user interfaces that are more intuitive, more logical, and easier-to-use!

Custom Programming Services - enable you to "have it your way" by using our National Award-Winning Software Design and Development services and efficient 5th generation tools to quickly develop new software; put together custom interfaces for packages like MS Office, ArcGIS, and Google Maps; and/or improve existing software.

Implementation Plan Services - provide you/us with a plan for installing and implementing new hardware, software, and mapping data so that it is done correctly in an orderly fashion, costs are spread out over time, and work disruptions are minimized.

Turnkey System Services - eliminate problems, headaches, and embarrassment by having us professionally set up, configure, integrates, and stress-test your hardware, software, mapping data, etc... before delivery so your staff can "turn the key and go"!

Complete Training Services - help you reduce conflict and stress; increase productivity; reduce implementation times; and minimize costly downtime; by providing your staff with the training they need to avoid unnecessary mistakes and errors.

Technical Support Services - help your staff stay productive by providing expert assistance if problems occur, and answering questions that arise as they become more familiar with your computer systems and want to start doing more things with them.

System Maintenance/Upgrade Services - save you the cost of having to buy new hardware, software, training, policies, and procedures, as well as reduce headaches and maximize the return on your current investments by professionally maintaining, reconditioning, and repairing your computer systems to keep them running fast and reliably.

Strategic Planning Services - help you plan for the future by providing an orderly strategy for improving your information system over time in a manner that makes sense, minimizes headaches, and maximizes your return on investment.

Using the services above, we can help your organization implement a modern Natural Resources Information System, or do your projects for you (while giving you the credit!). Our fearless leader has over 35 years of education and experience in Natural Resources, Business, and Computers. This includes serving as a: Field Forester for International Paper Co.; Lead ArcGIS Applications Programmer/Project Manager at ESRI Redlands; and a GIS/Imagery Programmer/Analyst for the R&D Branch of the U.S. Forest Service. His goal (and ours) is to provide you with Award-Winning, rugged, low-cost hardware, software, datasets, reference materials, and services!

Information Technology is THE KEY to improving
Natural Resources Management and Conservation -
while also helping you work faster, cheaper, and smarter!
Our products and services almost always save more than they cost!

Don't Delay - Contact Us Today!

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