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Over the years, I.R.I.S. has taken a wide swath of Information Technology (I.T.) and adapted, developed, distributed, and supported it for Natural Resources Management and Conservation. Our goal is to help you improve Natural Resources, while also helping you work faster, cheaper, and smarter. Some of the Information Technologies that we can provide you with include:

Application Areas: If it has to do with Natural Resources and computers, we probably do it! Over the years, we have provided a huge amount of computer hardware, software, data, training, and tech support to clients. This includes complete, integrated I.T. solutions being used for:
  • Land/Tract Management
  • Timber Cruising
  • Timber Stand Mgm't
  • Stand Exams/Prescription
  • Growth Projection
  • Harvest Planning
  • Ecological Modeling
  • Multiple-Use Mgm't
  • Natural Resources Mgm't
  • Resource Inventories
  • Water Resources
  • Wildlife & Fisheries
  • Forestry Research
  • Forest Management
  • Insect/Disease Models
  • Archeology
  • Sustained Yield
  • Carbon Credits
  • Timberland Management
  • Military Reserves
  • Sawmill Operations
  • Lumber Yard Management
  • Operations Management
  • Product Tracking
  • Financial Analysis
  • OGM Mgm't/Exploration
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Impact Analysis
  • Site Remediation
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Permit Applications
  • Many Other Applications!

Information Engineering: streamlines the flow of information through your organization by using modern Systems Analysis, Design, and Development techniques to identify the best ways to collect, input, structure, process, output, and manage your data.

Rugged and Ultra-Rugged PC's: these are servers, office PC's, and laptop PC's built to military specs similar to the ruggedized handhelds below, but have standard-sized keyboards and screens, more storage and speed, and a full set of Windows programs. They are best for people who work in cold, hot, dirty, dusty, wet, etc... environments and need to: run full-function software, need full size screen or keyboard, need to have many peripherals connected at once, use voice recognition software and/or expert systems, take their offices on the road, etc...

Ultra-Rugged Handheld Computers: because some of us never learned to stay out of the puddles :),   ultra-rugged handheld computers are built to keep working in conditions that quickly destroy other computers. These handhelds are built to military standards to survive extreme heat, cold, dirt, mud, dust, water, humidity, vibration, and shock. They are often designed for one-handed operation and data input. Our clients have consistently reported being 50% more productive using our handheld computers, with their investment being paid back in months, not years!

Ruggedized Peripherals: we take it as a personal insult when a piece of equipment fails. We know that our clients subject their equipment to extreme conditions in dificult workplaces and remote areas. Therefore, we provide only the "best of the best" peripherals, improved even further with our own adaptations and enhancements. This includes ruggedized: printers, BajaBoxesTM, bar code scanners, reflective bar code labels, RFID readers, digital scaling sticks, GPS units, carrying cases, etc.

Computer-Based Training: enables your organization to improve its efficiency and effectiveness by providing a variety of computerized training programs that are relatively inexpensive, enable trainees to learn at their own pace, and give you a good reason to stay in the office on those cold, rainy days!

Office Software Suites: help your organization work more productively by providing powerful desktop publishing, word processing, charting/graphing, spreadsheet analysis, database management, graphics, e-mail, etc... software programs that are integrated into one package. In addition, I.R.I.S. created the world's first Natural Resources Software Suite back in 1998 with our CRISALIS® "Super-App" software.

Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS): relational database technology has become the accepted software model for storing attribute data in tables ever since dBase and FoxPro. These days, these databases are often linked to graphic map features in GIS software programs. Although simple in concept, like everything else, there is a right way (and many wrong ways) to structure relational databases. We can design and help you structure your relational and geo-databases using our intuitive FlexAll® Database design. We can also provide you with custom user interfaces and software applications for Relational Database Management Systems such as Microsoft Access, mySQL, and Oracle.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS): handheld GPS units enable you to determine the precise coordinates of objects/points/ your position on the earth's surface. The coordinates are displayed as latitude, longitude, and elevation. In addition, GPS units can record where you have been been (as a "bread crumb" trail); help you create maps showing tract boundaries and features like roads; help you follow a route from point A to point B; and help get you back to the truck in time for lunch!

Deed Plotting and Simple Mapping: this software is used by landowners, land managers, and real estate agents to reconcile deed conflicts, solve land disputes, and identify deed errors. It enables you to draw in rough parcel/tract maps or produce very accurate maps by entering (or scanning in) the metes and bounds in their descriptions. This software also enables you to display digital copies of satellite images, aerial photos, and USGS topo maps in the background and overlay the tract boundaries. You can also use this software for simple desktop mapping by drawing in map features like buildings, timber stand boundaries, right-of-ways, proposed subdivisions, etc. This software is sometimes used to create the digital datalayers that will be used in GIS systems.

Land Surveying Systems: although we did not initially plan on supporting Professional Land Surveyors, they found us, and accurately determining tract boundaries is often an important requirement for Natural Resources Management and Conservation. These systems help Professional Land Surveyors record and process the data they collect for planemetric and cadastral surveys. This data is often collected from digital instruments such as total stations and GPS base stations, processed on PC's, and used as a datalayer in GIS systems.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): in simplest terms, a GIS consists of graphic (mapped) data plus tabular (attribute) data. GIS is different from simple mapping because it consists of very powerful graphic mapping software linked to a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS - like MS Access, Oracle, etc. GIS graphic mapping software performs complex functions like overlaying, merging, splitting, and buffering map polygons. RDBMS software stores tabular attribute data for map objects. The end result is "smart maps" which enable you to point at objects on the screen and see their tabular attribute data. Alternatively, you can point at tabular attribute in a database and have their related objects automatically displayed on a map. In addition, systems like ArcGIS enable you to perform simple through complex analyses of mapped data with hundreds of other graphic and tabular functions.

Digital Image Processing: enables your organization to tap into the true power of satellite and aerial imagery. These images are much more than pretty pictures. Like your computer screen, each pixel in them contains values for millions of colors. We can use specialized software to automatically group and identify these pixels into features like roads, fields, timber stands, stressed vegetation, insect and disease conditions, etc... and then monitor them for changes over time. These can then be used as datalayers in your GIS.

Forestry/Forest Products Software: helps you inventory, analyse, prescribe stand treatments, harvest, process, minimize waste, track, and manage forest products from the forest to the shipping dock. This specialized software helps you make faster, better, more accurate decisions throughout the production process. It also helps you implement Best Management Practices for forests, timber stands, harvesting, and processing to minimize environmental impacts and maximize economic returns. Increasingly, this software is also being used to determine carbon stocks and reward good forest management with funds from the sale of carbon credits. We provide a lot of these software programs FREE with our CRISALIS® "Super-App" software.

Natural Resources/Environmental Software: this software helps you inventory, calculate, analyse, track, map, display, preserve, manage, etc... soils, forests, hydrology, vegetation, wildlife, carbon footprints, etc. It also provides a wealth of facts and information about the resources themselves. This software helps your organization work more effectively and efficiently by processing data into information. It often helps transfer technology from the research lab to the real world. It can help you easily and economically implement the latest Conservation Technologies, Best Management Practices, and Best Operating methods using more factors than you could ever consider using pen and paper. Best of all, a lot of this software comes FREE with our CRISALIS® "Super-App" software.

Internet Software Apps and Websites: Internet software apps enable people who are geographically seperate to share data that is stored on a centralized server. However, since our clients often work in remote field locations with limited Internet these apps are most useful for offices. For example, ArcGIS enables you to use huge amounts of FREE or low-cost GIS mapping data on the Internet, with or without downloading it. Internet websites are developed by many people. However, our 35+ years of experience enables us to create websites that reflect the unique nature of your organization. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we know how to make them so people can find your products and services in a forest of websites!

Custom User Interfaces and Software: Software programs like MS Office, ArcGIS, and Oracle are generic programs are made for the mass market. To reduce their complexity, make them more applicable to you, and automate repetitive tasks, they enable us to quickly create Custom User Interfaces built on their underlying routines. If your needs are even more unique or demanding, we can create Custom Software from scratch very quickly these days using efficient 7th generation programming languages and tools.

Knowledge-Bases and Expert Systems: these are "smart" software programs built on research findings, the knowledge of experts in the field, and/or the “corporate knowledge” that has accumulated in your people over the years. Typically, they are built using one or more of the above technologies plus expert system programming lanquages and techniques. They can be very helpful when your staff need a second opinion or the advice of an expert!

Information Technology is THE KEY to improving
Natural Resources Management and Conservation -
while also helping you work faster, cheaper, and smarter!
Our products and services almost always save more than they cost!

Don't Delay - Contact Us Today!

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