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Annual Air Surface Temps Graph 1880-2011 (NASA) Logo for I.R.I.S. TM/SM at www.irisinfosys.org Photo of wildfire covering entire mountain-side.


And Some Ways You Can Help!

Ultimately, everything that people eat, make, use, etc... comes from Natural Resources.
  If Natural Resources are in trouble, then people are in trouble too!   We distribute Information Technology around the world to improve Natural Resources Management and Conservation -
while also helping our clients work better, faster, and cheaper!  

Some Graphs (From Reliable Sources) Showing 50-100 Years of Natural Resource Trends:
The Information Technology That We Provide Helps Natural Resource Managers:
  • Keep forests and oceans healthy
  • Fight global warming/climate change
  • Inventory natural resources
  • Improve costly data collection
  • Crunch huge amounts of data
  • Map natural resource locations
  • Analyze complex relationships
  • Monitor and protect resources
  • Implement best practices
  • Develop management plans
  • Reduce costs/work efficiently
  • Perform economic analysis
  • Evaluate alternatives
  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Optimize resource benefits
  • Implement latest research
  • Reduce waste/optimize value
  • Work faster, cheaper, smarter
I.R.I.S.� Is One Of The Few NON-PROFIT Organizations In The World That:
    Specializes In Natural Resource Information Systems
    Provides Ruggedized Systems For Harsh Environments
    Is An Authorized Distributor For Most I.T. Companies
    Provides Conservation Technology To Non-Profits
    Understands Clients' Words, Work, Budgets, etc.
    Transfers Conservation Tech To Other Countries
    Transfers Solutions From Research To Field
    Has Been Operating For Over 20 years
    Supplies Low-Cost Computer Equipment
    Provides All-In-One Solutions Like CRISALIS

    Provides 125+ FREE Natural Resource Apps
    Supplies 10,000+ Pages of FREE Reference Materials
    Provides to 200,000+ FREE Imagery/Mapping Datasets
    Supplies Low-Cost Services, Training, and Support
    Adapts Award-Winning Technology For Conservation
    Some Stuff We Really Need...
  • More office space (2500+ sqft)
  • General or earmarked funds
  • Newer computer network
  • Newer laptops
  • Newer multifunction printers
  • Newer 35" plotter
  • Newer 35" digitizer
  • Newer 3D printer
  • Newer SUV/Truck
    Some Ways You Can Help:
  • Reporting issues on our website
  • Creating buzz on social media
  • Adding our link to websites
  • Proof-reading manuals
  • Testing new software
  • Become an expert in one App
  • Training/supporting end users
  • Helping develop training videos
  • Reviewing grant proposals
Some Rewards You Get For Donating/Volunteering
  • Offsetting your enviro. impacts
  • Give as much/little as you like
  • Receipts for cash donations
  • Tax deductions/carbon credits
  • Honor Roll Of Supporters Listing
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Helping do something important
  • Helping reduce global warming
  • Using your skills for Conserva.
  • Learning Natural Resources
  • Improved self-esteem/respect
  • Helping people around world
  • Set your own schedule/hours
  • Improving your skillset/resume

    With over 125 billion acres (51 billion hectares) of land and water on
    the earth, good Information Technology is NECESSARY for good Natural Resources Conservation and Management. However, Natural Resource Managers are often stuck using old outdated computer systems (IF they have any at all - especially in 3rd world countries). That's why even (good) 5 year old computer equipment/software can help them work faster, cheaper, and better. For a LONG TIME, I.R.I.S. staff have paid for its non-profit activities out of their own pockets and time. But the needs have gotten too big without some outside help. Please help us fight global warming and offset your environmental impacts by donating some time, $, or stuff!

    Yes! I/We Want To Help Fight Global Warming and
    Improve Natural Resources Management By Donating Time Or Stuff!

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    Yes! I/We Want To Help Fight Global Warming and
    Improve Natural Resources Management By Donating Funds Using Fast, Free, Secure PayPal.

    Join Us (for FREE) By Adding Your Name To Our List of Supporters!
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    Note: Other than including your name (with your approval) on our Honor Roll of Supporters,
    none of your information will be shared with 3rd parties. If you decide to assist us, we THANK YOU and look forward to working with you to improve Natural Resources Conservation and Management,
    as well as fight global warming, climate change, and global upheaval!

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