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Award-Winning, Highly-Reliable, Low-Cost
Forestry and Natural Resources Information Systems Since 1995!

Ruggedized Handhelds, PC's, Software, Datasets, Services, and Support
For Natural Resource Pros By Natural Resource Pros! TM/SM

Authorized Distributor, Systems Integrator, Software Developer, and Handheld Service Shop For "The Best of The Best" Computers, Software, Data, Services, and Financing!   Our "Toolbox" Is Over 90,000 Products and Services Deep!   Supporters - Contact Us To Have Your Logo Added Here.
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And Some Low-Cost Ways You Can Help!

Your All-In-One Integrated Natural Resources Information System!
Developed by Natural Resource Pros for Natural Resource Pros!
Ties together 200+ Natural Resources software apps!
Gives you direct access to 200,000+ relevant datasets!
Guides you to 200,000+ valuable technical documents!
Comes on flash drive with 150+ high-quality, vetted apps!
Saves $10,000's (costs pennies per app, dataset, document, etc)!

Helpful Packages For Foresters,
Land Managers, and Natural Resource Managers!

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"With over 125 billion acres (51 billion hectares) of land and water on the earth, increasing human populations, and increasing pressures on Natural Resources, good Information Technology is NECESSARY for good Natural Resources Management. At I.R.I.S.(R) we have a balanced view of Natural Resources Management, Conservation, and Utilization that enables us to serve a wide spectrum of clients. Some Natural Resources are common and best used to meet human needs for shelter, food, and clothing. Other resources are so rare and unique that they should be protected forever. All harvested/extracted resources should be fully utilized to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. We hope to have the privilege of providing you with Award-Winning, ruggedized, economical Information Technology that improves Natural Resources Management and Conservation, while also helping people work faster, cheaper, and smarter!"

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